Tetra TabiMin Tablets – 120 Tablets


The Tetra Tablets TabiMin feed will provide the optimal, targeted yet varied nutrition to your bottom-feeding, timid fish like catfish, loach and barbel. The tablets quickly sink to the bottom, allowing you to choose a particular feeding spot and dissolve slowly.
The new generation of Tetra TabiMin Feeding Tablets are dual-coloured and the innovative multi-tablets provide your fish with even more healthy variety in their diets. On each side of the tablet there are two different mixes of food.

Tetra Tablets TabiMin Feeding Tablets at a glance:

  • Two mixes of food in a multi-tablet – fewer tablets are necessary for feeding
  • Allows easy feeding of shy fish in concealed parts of the tank
  • New Multi-tablet formula contains shrimps to further encourage your fish to eat them
  • Vitamin C strengthens the immune system, promotes healthy growth and prevents nutritional deficiencies
  • Contains all the nutrients, vitamins and trace elements fish need

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Tetra TabiMin Tablets – 120 Tablets


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